Appellate Court

The Law Offices of Gregory R. Ellis represents clients – whether appellant or respondent – in appeals and writs in the California Courts of Appeal, the California Supreme Court, the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and in proceedings in the United States Supreme Court.

The firm’s “stock in trade” is its written appellate briefs, but its underlying services also necessarily include study of the trial court record, consequent legal research and analysis, and the subsequent strategizing of the clearest and most persuasive way to present the client’s position to the reviewing court in written argument.

Mr. Ellis also participates in oral argument before the appellate court on the client’s behalf.

The firm handles all civil, family law, and criminal appellate matters. Some of his recent cases have involved the following diverse areas:

  1. A claim that a law enforcement agency used excessive force against a suicidal individual;
  2. A challenge to an award of reimbursement under Family Code section 2640;
  3. Sexual harassment by an employer;
  4. Conviction for attempted murder;
  5. Application of Pereira and Van Camp methodologies in the division of a separate property business;
  6. A Marvin claim raised in a probate proceeding;
  7. Conflict of interest under Government Code section 1090;
  8. Unlawful discharge;
  9. Denial of an anti-SLAPP motion;
  10. Modification of a spousal support award in the context of a stipulated Richmond / step-down order;
  11. Domestication of a foreign judgment; and,
  12. A conviction for first degree murder.

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